Silicone Brush Cleaner

Make-up is ever evolving. From the trends in style, color palettes, and tools, one can see how fast this art form grows. One of the latest in makeup tools that every make-up artist or enthusiast needs today is a silicone brush cleaner.

Silicone brush cleaners are a new essential to any makeup lover’s arsenal. Its bumps and grooves help in removing residue left over from your creams and powders and leaves your brushes spic and span. Having clean brushes are always a must, as dirty brushes can affect your make-up, your look, and worse, your skin.


It simply is a must to be clean and hygienic at all times as our skin can be very sensitive to dirt and the elements. Having bad skin can cause even more problems as we may end up using more products or treatments and that kind of inconvenience could get in the way of just simply wanting to do our make-up and looking our best self.

Using a silicone brush cleaner will also extend the lifespan of our make-up and tools. We must keep them in tip-top shape lest we want to waste them away and end up frequently purchasing new ones to replace those that are damaged.

It’s such a cost-effective way to keep things clean and in order. It’s also very affordable! One can easily find silicone brush cleaners in physical stores but way more in online stores at such reasonable prices. There is no way one shouldn’t have one in their makeup kits.

If you are putting together a makeup kit for the first time, make sure to have this wonderful tool included along with other makeup essentials. Remember to clean your brushes every day to keep them top-notch quality, so you can effectively pull off your favorite looks and look your best self!

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Anyone who often drinks wine will agree that wines are good for the human health but at the same time, wines vary in qualities. Much wine producing companies claim that there product is the best but I am going to reveal to you some wines that were better than the best in 2016.

To be candid, there are awesomely very excellent wines that were produced in 2016 but as a person who enjoys trying out different wine brands, I have tasted a lot but this special wine makes me wow as I drank the savored wine. I wouldn’t need to mention few other wines I have found good since I only what to show you the best wine in 2016 and what makes it standout. Be ready for an order as I reveal to you my number pick of 2016; Domaine Huet Vouvray Demi-Sec Le Mont.

Victor Huet founded this great product in the year 1928 in Loire Valley, France. The founder and his son Gaston have planted Chenin (Domaine Huet’s plant) on thirty hectares of land on three different landed areas; Clos du Bourg, Haut-Lieu and Mont. Together with Classic chenin are honeysuckle and stone fruits which makes up the great wine.


1. Clear gold colour
2. Moderately sweet
2. It’s medicinal: straightens backbone
3. The acidity and sweetness are balanced
4. On opening the bottle, you’d love the aroma of floral notes of ripe lemon, honey and some citrus in it that will make you salivate uncontrollably.


This is a mature wine with great aromas, very enjoyable
It is a very delicious wine with brilliant balance in complexity and acidity.
This is amazingly lively with some form of bounce. Not totally dry and the best part of it is the apple, lemon and lime aroma of it.
Comparing this year (2016) produce with the previous years, this wine has finally mature, can be kept for a long time without losing its quality. View more..

Written by: pramatouch